A contest for all members of the Guild...

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A contest for all members of the Guild...

Post by Adanai on Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:43 pm

Helllooo dearest guildies!!! How are you on this beautiful day???

Well I'm here with some good news... On day 18.08.2016 at around 12:00 AM server time with the grace of our great leader Aisurina, i decided to proudly present our first Hunger games... ups i meant Dance Contest... hahaha lol the location of the contest will remain a secret until the beginning but you will found out everything in time... the winner will get to choose one reward out of bunch of items (some dim keys. items, crafting recipes etc). the rules will be known in the beginning of the contest. Wear your most beautiful outfits and get ready to show some dance moves... i hope bunch of you will show up and that we will have a good time... May the odds be ever in your favor!!!


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