Welcome Guildis to the Trihorse Forum

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Welcome Guildis to the Trihorse Forum

Post by Sulon on Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:10 pm

Hey Guys, bounce

Welcome to the Trihorse Forum, I hope you will enjoy all the fun stuff we planed for you, first of all check out the forum rules (they are the same as in game guild rules so no worries) Very Happy and second don't forget to make yourself a profile, please use your in game name, so we all know who who is... Hope you will get used to hang out on the forum while the game is in maintenance mode, hope you will have great discussions about updates, questions about game play everything is welcomed. Also the Forum will host its own Contests, we do have some great stuff coming up so I hope all of you stay tuned, also we will have power lvl groups and events that will be announced regularly on the Forum, so all of you are welcomed to join.


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