Cleric Wardrobe Contest

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Cleric Wardrobe Contest

Post by Sulon on Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:23 pm

Hey Guys,

So our third contest is for Clerics wardrobe. What we want so is you in a real clerics pose, pulling your staff out, healing friends whit magic, using clerics abilities that heal a group of friends, killing creatures. Al Clerics are welcome to join the contest, the winner will get a special honor, as his pic will be the main picture on the guilds guides page for his race, the winning pic will also receive 500 platinum. You can send me all your submit ions in a pm, or you can add them here with your reply. Every guildy can apply whit a maximum of 3 pics of his Toon. We are accepting submisions from the 15.08.2016 till the 31.08.2016 and the winner will be announced on the 05.09.2016.

Also this is only the first contest Mages, Warriors, Rogues, Primalist, go to the appropriate topic and send us your pictures there, or if you are sending them to me in a pm please note for which contest you are applying.


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